Dear Families,
This will be a quiet weekend for Ron and I.  We plan to take another long run on Sunday in preparation for our 1/2 marathon in Berkeley.  We are also preparing for our H4AC workday next Saturday, which is the day when we will mail out all of our thank you letters to our donors from H4AC 2013.  And I plan to finish working on the report cards.  They are almost complete, so that feels good to me. 

I wish you all a peaceful weekend!

Reminders for the next few weeks:  
1.  Sharing topic for the week of 11/18 – Something special that you are thankful for
2. Here is the link to sign-up for our Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday, November 21 from 10:45 to 12:00.  I am asking that each child bring in their favorite dish for Thanksgiving.  This feast will be just for the children, to help us celebrate our sense of community and friendship in our class.  The potluck link:
3.  I need ONE more volunteer for the Thanksgiving Feast next Thursday 11/21 from 10:15 to 12:15.
4.  Save the date – for our Family Holiday Potluck/Celebration on Thursday, December 12 from 11:00 to 12:30.  I am asking that each family bring in a dish that you all enjoy for your own holiday celebrations during the month of November/December.  It would be wonderful if each child had at least one parent or relative in attendance. 
 Wednesday Center Time  
We started our morning with math tiles and our letter of the week – H.  The story for H was quite magical, it was about the four children Michael, Lauren, Rumkini, and Sipho. The story took your learners on a journey through the enchanted forest and while exploring they found a “high tree house” with a special hermit who knew about the enchanted castle.  Please ask your learner for more details about the story.  Then after recess we had garden time and music class with Ruth.  

Garden Time – Seed Saving
We had our second lesson on seed saving. We spent the first ten minutes reviewing why seed saving is important.  We had a lively discussion on why we should save seeds.  Some of the learners said, “what if we could no longer just go to the store and buy seeds?”  This was a great question to ponder and it lead to even more questions and reasons of why learning how to save seeds is important.  Then I had the children break-up into groups of five learners – half to save seeds and half to decorate envelopes for the seeds. 
Thursday – writers workshop, cooking, and slingerland 

We started our morning with another follow-up lesson on how to write a personal narrative.  By the time the learners went home on Thursday everyone had decided on their topic for the “small moment” stories.  Then we had spanish and after recess we had cooking and we reviewed our slingerland letters g, k,h, l, c, b, and a.  For cooking this week the children made lemonade with lemons from my tree.  They made three different flavors peach, raspberry, and blueberry flavored lemonade.