On Friday we focused our day on patterns. We made patterns with unifix cubes, made patterned necklaces out of dyed pasta, we clapped complicated rhyming patterns, we found patterns around the room, and more!  It was a nice continuation of our work with symmetry last week in which we did some symmetrical Day of the Dead activities. The first one was making papel picado from folded tissue paper. The other was decorating a calavera, or skeleton…symmetrically of course. 
In art we have been working on our Starry Night project out of recyclables found at SCRAP (see pictures below). It is quite a work in progress and we look forward to displaying it in class in the next week or so!
During first grade time the last two Fridays we have worked on phonics and math. In phonics we have now learned about S C B F M R T and A and learners were able to show their knowledge by spelling words like “bats” and “scram” perfectly. In math we learned about “landmark” or “friendly” numbers. For example when adding 2+9+8+1 we can find the two sets numbers that combine to make ten.