Dear Families,
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  I plan to just rest after the excitement of my race last weekend.  Although I do plan to take a long run on Sunday.  I still have such a sense of joy in my heart after the race last Sunday.  It is hard to really describe what it was like to run with 30,000 women, it is a race that I will remember for a very long time.  My precious husband met me at mile 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. I was also so touched that Katie and her two precious daughters met me at mile 8, their warm smiles and encouragement were with me every step until the finish line at mile 13.1.
Important dates for the next week:
1.  Sharing topic for the week of 10/28 – something special for Fall or Halloween
2.  Halloween information for the week of 10/28 – Please send your child to school dressed in their normal clothes on 10/31.  They can bring their costume to school on Thursday, October 31 in a bag labeled with their name.
Here is the schedule:
We will have our a special center time on Thursday 10/31.   Center Time will be from  8:45 to 10:05.  All of the kids will go to each center for 20 minutes.  

– decorate pumpkin cookies/or cupcakes
– carve pumpkins
– art project – painting pumpkins
– Halloween bingo

 8:45 to 10:05 Halloween centers
10:05 to 10:15 snack
10:15 to 10:30  recess
10:30 to 10:45 get dressed in their costumes – 
10:45 to 12:00 Halloween parade and then the CLC Carnival (Stacy explained the carnival in detail in her e-mail two weeks ago)
12:00 regular Kinder dismissal
Parents are welcome to join us for the Halloween Parade and Carnival.  If you would like to come at 10:30 to help the children get on their costumes that would be helpful.  After the carnival the kinders will go home at their regular dismissal time.  First graders will go home at their regular dismissal time 3:00pm.

3.  Friday, November 1 – NO SCHOOL – educator in-service day

Monday Science Center Time
Our science lesson was titled ”School Litter,”  the children had an in-depth discussion on litter at school.  They made a list of why we have litter at school and then what they could do about school litter.  At the end of the lesson they actually went around the school and picked up all of the litter that they found. 

While half the class had science with the parent volunteers in Educare the other half had Slingerland handwriting time with me.  This week we learned/reviewed a, k,h, l, and b.

Tuesday K/1 Special 
On Tuesday we began our second round of the K/1 Specials which is the same program that was formerly called seminars.  This year each child will rotate through all seven K-1 Specials.  The K/1 Specials will each last four weeks and we will have seven sessions from now until June.  The topics this year are: Mindfulness, Math in Art, Robotics, Handwork, Earth Science, Take a Part, and Archeology.

We also had our FT to the pumpkin patch.  I sent out photos of our FT on Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday Center Time
On Wednesday we had math tiles with our parent volunteers.   Math Tiles is a math activity that allows each child to work at their own pace.  They work on different math concepts that involve solving problems/equations which begins with counting and moves onto addition, subtraction, and eventually multiplication and division.  While half the class had math tiles the other half had our letter of the week lesson. We read our next story from the “Wise Enchanter” storybook about the letter F.  The story was about the dolphin who looked like the letter F and flying fish.  The four children in the story had quite an adventure freeing the dolphin and seeing all of the flying fish. Please ask your child about this wonderful story.

Writers Portfolios
Our writing prompt for this month is, “In Fall, I like to…”  We write in our writer portfolios generally twice a month and this is a nice way to see how they are progressing in there writing through the school year.  I keep the same book for both kinder and 1st grade, so at the end of first grade it is also a nice memory book to keep. 
Garden Time – Fairy Houses
I sent photos and a garden time update on Wednesday evening.  Please refer to my earlier blog for that update.  

We had an amazing all-school assembly.  Many of the educators showed their talents by singing and dancing for all of us to enjoy!
Thursday Center Time Cooking
Each week half the class will cook during cooking center time.  This week the kinders made vegetable dip to enjoy with lots of fresh veggies.  While the half of the learners cook the other half do a practice/review session of their slingerland letters.  This week for slingerland we learned the letter a and reviewed k, h, l, and b.


Writers Workshop 
We continued with our unit of study on “Where do authors get their ideas from?”  We read all three of the “Knuffle Bunny” books and discussed where we thought Mo Willems got his ideas to write his books.  The children were quite excited during writers workshop this morning.  I was happy to see them all on task and excited to make books during writers workshop.
First Grade Language Arts time
We continued with our first grade language arts time this week, now that parent conferences are completed.  Each afternoon the first graders have small group guided reading instruction, phonics lessons, and writing time.  During our phonics time we have learned how to stretch out the sounds we hear in our words when we are spelling.  So far this year we have learned the following sounds: M, S, F, B, T, C, and the short vowel sound a.

This week I continued to read “Charlotte’s Web” and we completed chapter 14. 
 Math in Room 10
We continued with our number talks and discovering new strategies to solve our math equations.  This week our number talks were about learning how to be flexible with where we see the = sign.  We had several math talks where the = signed moved around.  For example 10=9+1,  4+3=7,  3+4 = 4+3.  This lead to many wonderful conversations.  We also had two math lessons on how to use the number line and the 100s chart.