On Tuesday we started with a brief description of our big recycled art project. We will be creating Van Gogh’s masterpiece Starry Night with recycled materials gathered from SCRAP. The class will be divided up into six groups, with each group being responsible for a certain section of the artwork. After Specials I introduced the dice-in-dice, fun dice that are translucent colored plastic with a tiny dice inside. Then we played a game where learners rolled the dice-in-dice, added the two numbers and then found that number on a gameboard.

During first grade time we learned a new activity with the 100 Charts. In this activity I read a clue about a number (for example, “this number has a 2 in the tens place and a 5 in the ones place” or “this is the value of the quarter”) and they color in that number, eventually the colored-in squares making a picture. We also worked on the letter B in our McCracken phonics program. We now have done F M S and B. So learners were given words with those letters in the beginning and end and had to record those sounds.


Today was our first field trip of the year, a visit to SCRAP (short for Scrounger’s Center for Reusable Art Parts). We started the day with a short talk from Anne Marie, who founded the organization to provide reusable supplies for local art teachers over 35 years ago. We then divided into groups with each group being in charge of finding recycled materials for their section of our Starry Night project. Armed with beads, ribbons, buttons, fabric, shells, zippers and more, the learners are very excited to start creating!

When we got back to class I showed the class some other interesting interpretations of Starry Night, including ones made out of paper, garbage, legos, even one using items from a hardware (notice all the doorknobs!). A few examples below:

Bernard-Pras2-537x404 fa9216809c4d8856d7240c0fc7cd16c716498c 17.Starrynight QuilledStarryNight2 Starry-Night

During first grade time we played Race to Lace, a fun game where learners were each given a shoe lace, estimated how many cubes long it is, and then measured the lace. At this age, one of the challenges is knowing an estimate is really an educated guess, and can often be off by a fair bit. Many wanted to change their estimates, once they got started on the project. After lunch we reviewed our letters we’ve worked on in our phonics program so far: S F M B and T and played bingo with picture cards of words that start with, and end with, those letters.

Thank you to everyone who has brought in recyclables. There is still time to drop some off. There are two grocery bags by the front door. And thank you to our fantastic chaperones today: Jen, Phillip, Kirstin, Jaemie, Cassie, Amy, Emily and Tim.

Here are some pictures from our day. More field trip pictures coming soon from our amazing class photographer Amy Chin (Darcy’s grandmother)!