On Friday we focused on shapes. We started the day with a shape book called Round is a Tortilla. We then went on a shape hunt around the classroom, finding circles, squares, triangles, stars, even rhombuses. It was fun to see all the different shapes in items we use every day. For art we read Iggy Peck Architect, a wonderful book about a boy whose teacher doesn’t recognize his enormous talent of building things (a diaper tower, a castle made out of classroom chalk and more) until it saves her life. The learners then pretended they were architects and made “blue prints” using shape stamps made from recycled materials such as empty spools, cardboard and even some old computer keys on blue construction paper.  Many learners asked if they could then build their plans out of interlocking cubes during Free Choice! For math we played Race to Trace, a fun dice game that helps number formation. After lunch first graders had guided reading and some phonics work around the letter S.

Lastly, I’d like to make a plea for recycled materials. In the next few weeks as we enjoy our recycling unit we will be using all sorts of materials for various art projects. Below is a list of things we would love to start collecting. On Tuesday I will put a box in our room labeled Recycled Art Materials. Feel free to drop off things as you find them — recycled materials only, please don’t go out and buy any of these things. Now is the time to clean out that junk drawer!

– small cardboard boxes (smaller than a shoebox)
– egg cartons
– metal or plastic utensils (no knives please!)
– small beads
– toilet paper tubes
– paper towel tubes
– bottle caps
– plastic or cardboard berry boxes
– lids from jars or plastic containers
– buttons
– scraps of wrapping paper
– popsicle sticks
– toothpicks
– keys
– random game pieces
– puzzle pieces
– small pieces of string, yarn or ribbon
– corks

One request: If the item was originally a food container please make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.