Today we focused our morning on number formation. First we did a clay activity where we made our numbers 1-10 in clay and put that number of dots in an accompanying 10-frame. This way the learners practice forming their numbers and see a visualization of the corresponding value. Then we followed up with a math game where you race a partner rolling a dice and then tracing the number you rolled and eventually writing that number without tracing. We also wrote our numbers in the air, on tables with our fingers, on paper, on our hands, you name it! Practicing writing numbers is great for everyone — even second and third graders sometimes do reversals with their numbers.

For art we continued last week’s exploration of color mixing with a read-aloud of Mouse Paint. Then we talked about the color wheel and primary and secondary colors. We mixed primary colored clay to make secondary colors and then we had some “free clay time” to make various clay creations (carrots, necklaces, bird nests, swirly bouncy balls and more!). After lunch first graders enjoyed an in-depth look at the letter M and some choice time with Jessica and Jen’s class.

Here is a slideshow of some photos from today and last Friday. (Click on the first image to scroll through.)