Today we continued learning some fun dice games. For kindergarteners the focus was on recognizing the dot patterns on a dice and finding the corresponding number on a game board.  First graders took it to the next level, by seeing the dot patterns and instantly knowing the number, then using it in an addition problem.

For art we talked about color, starting with a short chat about the primary colors. The learners especially enjoyed this quick video about the primary colors:

After learning about the primary colors we experimented with liquid watercolors to mix colors. We also learned about watercolor techniques such as wet-on-wet and adding salt to add texture. The resulting abstract art is proudly on display by the back door of the classroom.

I introduced the concept of the I-message, a great tool used in our classroom to help the children resolve conflicts. With an i-message a person assertively communicates how they feel in a certain situation and what needs to happen to make them feel better. It is broken down for the learners to: “I feel ___ when you ____. I wish, need or want you to ___. “ We then role-played situations where an i-message could be used and what it might sound like. For example, “I feel unsafe when you wave your pencil around like a sword. I want you to stop.”

First grade time was spent playing phonics bingo, enjoying a read-aloud from one of Louis Sachar’s Wayside School chapter books and having a math talk around using “landmark numbers”.