With the Labor Day holiday, I had the pleasure of having two consecutive “Katie days” with the learners. On Friday we focused on a series of math games using dice.  We also completed a multi-step self-portrait project. First we looked at portraits by famous artists such as Picasso, van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Chuck Close. We answered questions such as: “What is the artist trying to say?”  “Why did the artist use those colors and those lines?” “How does the portrait make you feel?” and “What did you learn about the artist from their portrait?” Then we planned our own portraits. First we sketched in pencil, then traced in sharpie and finally added watercolor on top. The final products are as unique as the learners themselves!

With today being the tenth day of school we celebrated the number 10. We counted to 10 forwards, backwards, by 2’s, by 5’s, by 10’s, and with the help of multicultural classroom community, even in Spanish, Italian, Russian, Yiddish, Mandarin and French! We read Ten Apples Up on Top and made our own illustrations using the different combinations to 10, we read Ten Black Dots and made our own examples with 10 black stickers, we built a tower of 10 unifix cubes and found things that measured the same…and much much more!