Dear Families,

We spent the last two days sharing our hopes and dreams for the school year.  During table time this morning each learner drew a detailed picture of their wish for the 2013-14 academic year.  I was very touched by their sincere and thoughtful hopes and dreams for the year.  Our class has already begun to develop a calm and loving way of interacting. This is quite impressive for the 6th day of school.

Here is a list of their hopes and dreams for the school year… (these are their exact words)

  • planting in the garden
  • learn more math
  • learn about roll-n-write
  • learn how to cook
  • learn how to make good friends
  • learn how to be polite
  • learn how to read
  • to have a calm classroom
  • to have a carpool with Ian
  • that we can play with legos everyday
  • that we have a wonderful class play
  • that we can take Samantha (our class guinea pig) home for the weekend

Our next step is to discuss what type of classroom environment we will create that allows us to explore, learn, and grow.

During math time this morning we learned the mathematical names for pattern blocks.  Here is the list of the pattern block names:

  • hexagon
  • triangle
  • rhombus
  • square
  • trapezoid

The attached photos are pictures of their pattern block designs. The last photo is a picture of the paper they will work on tomorrow during math time.

After the kinders went home the first graders learned about roll-n-write.   It is a math game that involves rolling a dice to learn about addition, and subtraction.  It eventually moves onto multiplication and even division.   Another benefit of this math activity is each child is able to work at their own individual level.

After lunch they learned about the listening center and they ended their day with first grade PE.