Dear Families,

We have had two wonderful days together in room 10.  Yesterday after you all left we had our first class meeting and then I read them the book “First Day Jitters.”  Then we spent the morning learning about snack time, pencil boxes, and recess.  After recess we had a tour of the school and free choice.  After the kinders went home the first graders created different shapes and designs with pattern blocks.  After lunch we read the book “The Night Before First Grade” and then they each wrote about their first day of school.

Today we reviewed the many things we learned about on Tuesday and we had a very special visit from Ron (my husband) he read them one of our new books “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.”   After recess we had our first lesson in the garden and it was quite magical to be in the garden for the very first time with your precious children.  I went to a week-long educator gardening camp this summer on how to incorporate the garden into our curriculum.   It felt so wonderful for me to get started on my journey of learning about gardening and the earth together with your learners.  Our first lesson was spent exploring and observing.  Then we sat down and made a list of what we will learn about in the garden this year.  Your learners came up with an extensive list here are some of their ideas:

We will plant and water seeds, watch the seeds grow, and eat what grows.  Our class discussion went well and it was all done while sitting on the earth amongst the trees, flowers, birds, vines, and dirt.  Then we made a list of agreements that we agreed to follow when we are in the garden each week.

  • play safely, walk, and be calm
  • listen to our educators
  • be kind, loving, and friendly to the garden and each other

After our lesson in the garden we had our first music lesson with Ruth. The learners had so much fun singing songs and clapping out the syllables in their names.  We ended our second day of school with an all school assembly.  The topic was meeting the CLC educators and hearing about their hopes and dreams for the school year.

I have truly enjoyed these past two days with your precious children.  I plan to start the discussion of what our hopes and dreams are for the school year tomorrow.  This is always a special project, it gives all of us a chance to reflect on what matters to each of us socially, emotionally, and academically.

Katie and I appreciate all that you have done to get our school year off to such a  wonderful beginning.

with gratitude,

Colleen and Katie