Final Update For 2016/17

Dear Families, 

Thank you for a wonderful year of learning, growing, and exploring in Room 10. 

Adriana Andres’s mom created a very special memory book as a gift for Katie and I. The book is filled with so many treasured memories of our year together. I thought I would share a few pages from the memory book with all of you. Thank you Adriana! Katie and I will treasure this book for many years to come. 

Here are a few photos of Katie’s last day at CLC. The photos are of Katie’s final morning meeting, story time, and a sweet photo of Katie with the 22 sunflowers that each child gave her along with an appreciation. 

Katie we will miss you more than you will ever know. Your gifts to CLC will be felt for many years to come. We wish you all the best at your new school. 

K/1 Then amd Now pictures

Dear Families,These are my favorite photos of the school year – “Then and Now” pictures of 2016/17. Enjoy!
Amy thank you for all the time, dedication, and love you put into being the photographer for Room 10. We will miss you so very much next year.
with love,

Teddy Bear Picnic

Dear Families,
We had a lovely Teddy Bear Picnic today, and the weather was perfect. The picnic was a very special way to celebrate the end of a wonderful year in room 10. I am going to really miss this class, we have had a fun-filled year together with lots of learning, growing, and exploring.

I think you are going to love the photos of our tea party! A big shout-out to Amy Chin for being the Room 10 classroom photographer. We appreciate you!

Thank you also to the parent volunteers who prepared the delicious tea party food and who joined us as chaperones.

with love,


Pollock and PLPs

The last few days we have enjoyed some wonderful PLPs: Charlotte shared a wonderful presentation on her baby brother, Norah showed us how to make homemade pasta (and shared some delicious lemon pepper fettucine with us), Kiera taught us about white tigers, Holden presented on his extensive lego collection including a complicated (14+!) TIE Fighter and Santi told us all about basketball. Enjoy the PLP photos as well as some pictures Amy took of our recent Jackson Pollock drip art project and some pictures of the first graders visit to the 2nd grade classrooms.






PLP’s and Gift from Katie and the children 

This morning we began our day with Liam’s PLP. Liam gave a very informative and exciting  presentation on octopuses. Great job Liam! 

Then we had Kai’s PLP on how to make delicious chocolate chip cookies. He gave a wonderful presentation that even involved tasting the yummy cookies. Great job Kai!

Katie planned a special birthday celebration for me this morning. The learners and Katie made me a beautiful butterfly picture. It is absolutely precious! It is a gift that I will treasure for many years to come. 

I will forever be grateful to Katie for the beautiful pieces of artwork she has created for me along with the learners over the past seven years.  Katie – I am going to miss you more than my words could ever express! 

AT&T Park Milestone

Dear Families,

We had a fabulous field trip to AT&T Park! Our day began with an exciting train ride to SF and then we walked over to AT&T Park. Then we all enjoyed a snack outside the park before we met up with our tour guide.

Our adventure inside the park began with a geometry lesson that took place inside the SF Giants Press Room. Linda our wonderful guide gave an informative lesson about the different geometric shapes inside the ball park. We learned about the triangle, circle, trapezoid, pentagon, rectangle, and square.

Then we had a wonderful behind the scenes tour of AT&T Park!

We had the opportunity to see and experience:

  • the visiting team locker room
  • the field
  • the dug-out
  • the 5th floor “view” seating level
  • the press box

Lastly we all enjoyed lunch before we took the train back home! Thank you to our chaperones and field trip coordinators for your support with our end of year milestone!



Kinder Cooking – Dessert Quesadillas

Counting Collections and More

First some housekeeping…If you have a few extra brown paper grocery bags lying around please drop them off in the classroom. We will be using them to send work home at the end of the year.

Also please note, on Friday I will be at my college reunion and the class will have former CLC teacher Marianne Petersen as their “guest educator” for the day.

Please enjoy the following photos of Counting Collections*, Lexi’s PLP on magic, Andres’s PLP on Alexander Hamilton, Annabelle’s PLP on taking care of her dog, some measuring and our recent praying mantis art.

* Counting Collections are a wonderful math activity based on the main ideas that mathematicians plan and count, organize their counting, and record their counting. We learned about them from our very own Darlene Fish-Doto who brought this activity from her former job at the UCLA Lab School. By counting a variety of materials (shells, counters, tiny plastic piggies, markers, dragon’s tears (!), dice and more) learners are building their sense of quantity, conservation of number, estimation, multiplicative reasoning and place value. And beyond all that, they LOVE counting!